Code of Ethics

  1. We maintain full objectivity in selecting our staff and instructors who have the personal morals, work experience & professional compliance that meet our clients expectations.
  2. We exert full effort in complete care-to study and analyze our clients training needs to prepare proper training proposals and offers in full compliance with these needs.
  3. We disclose to our clients only true and correct information regarding our capabilities and experiences without any elaboration or promoting information that we are not posses or currently available.
  4. We execute our training courses & services as agreed on with the clients and applying quality control measures & standards during the execution of these courses providing that it is not permitted to change any of the agreed training elements without client approval.
  5. We work in full cooperation & willingness with our clients for achieving targeted objectives & results of the training courses we conduct through close follow up, daily examination, pre & post course tests questionnaires & other tools, during and after execution of the course activities for the proper evaluation of training effectiveness in collaboration with our clients.
  6. We work within legal, honest and fair competition and our approach clients are based on performance quality, excellent service and reasonable cost.
  7. We follow up-to-date academic, technological & professional developments in our proposals & offers to our client and in the preparation & presentation of course material & case studies through continuous communications & memberships in regional and international professional institutions & associations related to our training services.
  8. We maintain confidentiality of client information and avoid any use or disclosure except for conducting training services offered to client.
  9. NCC believes that business relationships founded on openness and trust where both parties benefit will drive growth and prosperity NCC will always seek to understand the needs of its clients and consider them as partners in the successful implementation of their training & development plans.