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Consultation Services in Geophysical and Environment


Geological, geophysical and environmental applications constitute one of the pillars of scientific and technologic progress and improvement of life standard in any country, which aims at growing and evolving toward better achievements. These applications have varying scientific and technical contributions in numerous fields, such as exploration for mineral ores and petroleum resources, groundwater occurrences, engineering delineation of urban settlements and environmental assessment of natural hazards. There is no agricultural project without prospection for groundwater necessary for land reclamation, particularly in the desert areas far from river courses. There is no housing project without investigation of the geotechnical characteristics of soils and bedrocks below these soils, including the geodynamical variables of the ground over which the settlements will be built-up. Besides, there is no industrial project without use of petroleum or natural gas to activate the machines, instruments and other equipments necessary for the good performance of the project. It is also vital to evaluate the environmental effects on the lives of those who are involved and affected by it, hoping a safe, adequate and friendly environment for people.

For all these reasons or part of them, the presence of specialized offices or scientific centers dedicated to undertake studies or to present advices is a must to any project in different topics by utilizing geological, geophysical and environmental methods, as part of the feasibility studies necessary for costs optimization.

For this, National Consultant Centre for Training LLC and the Egyptian Office for Geological, Geophysical and Environmental Consultations (EOGGEC) is glad to present their scientific and technical services in the above mentioned applied disciplines, related to different agricultural, industrial, urban, touristic and developmental activities to the governmental institutions, private companies, centers, offices and individuals in the Gulf countries through a team of professors, scientists and consultants utilize the most up to date and precise scientific equipments for data acquisition, processing and interpretation, with the help of the most advanced techniques and computer software to comply with the needs of their respected clients.

Scope of our consultation work

  1. Ore Prospection and Mineral Projects: We use of different geological and geophysical methods to determine the locations, quantities and mineral concentrations of useful economic ores as precious metals, industrial minerals, ornamental stones and building materials.
  2. Hydrocarbon Exploration and Petroleum Services: It deals with the use of deep geological and geophysical methods to delineate the sedimentary sequences (source, reservoir and cap rocks), maturation cycle (hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation) and entrapping style (stratigraphic, structural and miscellaneous), as well as defining the prospective parts for drilling wells.
  3. Groundwater Prospection and Land Reclamation: It comprises the use of shallow geological and geophysi¬cal methods to locate the groundwater reservoirs, together with the determination of their different properties (as depth, extension, thickness and salinity), the locations of sites for drilling wells, the establishment of proper designs and defining the appropriate pumping rate for water production.
  4. Archeological Exploration and Hazard Mitigation: It exhibit the use of shallow geological and geophysical methods to detect the locations, depths, dimensions and shapes of the features containing and recent monuments and mitigate their hazards.
  5. Engineering Geophysics and Sites Testing: It includes the use of near-surface geological and geophysical methods to determine the sedimentary rock sequences and the seismic velocities, elastic indices and geotechnical parameters, and interpreting their inferences for soil sediments and bed rocks, as well as the related seismic hazard, acceleration, attenuation and amplification.
  6. Environmental Assessment and Social Hazards: It involves the use of precise environmental devices to the sources of environmental pollution and the determination of their concentrations implied in air, and soil related to groundwater, radioactivity, gases emanated from decomposition, oil and gas processes, power and petrochemical industries.

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