About Us


National Consultant Centre for Training LLC (NCC) was established in Abu Dhabi in 1999 under the name "National Consulting Bureau (NCB)" to provide consultation and training services in technical, industrial & management areas to governmental bodies and companies, especially in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries in the Gulf countries.


In Compliance with ACTVET license requirements, kindly be informed that National Consulting Bureau (NCB) Company name has changed to National Consultant Center for Training LLC (NCC).


NCC conducts more than 250 courses every year in the GCC countries, either in-house or as public open courses. In addition, NCC provides hands-on practical training either on the client’s site through NCC professional instructors or at NCC affiliated training centers, power plants, oil fields, refineries & Petrochemical plants.


Memberships & Partners

NCC is a member of the International Federation of Training & Development Organizations (IFTDO), National Safety Council (USA), Energy Institute (UK) and has representatives and training agreements and cooperation with many reputed organizations such as Rike Service Inc. (USA), PETROMAINT, Petroleum Research Institute, Electricity & Power Plant Authority (Egypt), Construction & Civil Engineering Institute, Telecommunication Training Center, Advanced Technology Training Center, Marine Protective Services (UK), VP Diagnose (Sweden) & TRACERCO (UK) for Radiation Measurement & Protection Courses and Standardization & Calibration National Centers in Cairo.


5 Facts on NCC

  1. We believe in real effective training for real work needs. This is achieved by guiding your trainees to practical knowledge that allows them to instantly apply what they have learned in their work place.
  2. Because we care about your investment in your workforce, NCC courses are not dedicated to promote or sell manufacturers’ brands or products but to ensure that every participant receives quality training based on real life knowledge.
  3. One way for your employees to save time and for you to save money is to let your employees attend one of our courses as they will agree that by having a trainer with lifelong practical experience to interact with them for one week and allow him to communicate his years based experience they will agree that it is much more effective than an entire year of reading text books or watching videos related to the course subject.
  4. Prior nominating any instructor to deliver a training course to our client, it is a given priority that he must obtain both field and training experience. This will ensure an effective and enjoyable learning experience for your employees.
  5. With more than 20 years in the training field, we have established a wide network of highly dedicated experts and consultants as well as partnerships with owners and executives of several major training providers. This in turn will give you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of training courses available in our brochures, even if the course you that you are looking for is not available in our training plans, you can simply contact us and will find and even tailor the course according to your needs.